Tagged on the outer wall of Moria registration camp, Lesvos. 

Tagged on the outer wall of Moria registration camp, Lesvos. 

Sorry for my radio silence; the plight of the refugees remains urgent, so I prioritized action in lieu of words. 

In the week since I’ve been home, I’ve found I’m adjusting to the transition by taking distance to reflect, recalibrate, and remember the reality I just left.  My reflex is to respond with anger and despair, but my desire to persevere with action is unstoppable.  I hope to return to Lesvos in April; coincidently a month before the E.U. imposed deadline for Greece to curb the flow of refugees into the Schengen zone, and, by proxy, take duel responsibility with Turkey for the hundreds of thousands still fleeing active airstrikes.  Although not yet given orders to intercept refugee boats, three NATO warships have been deployed to the Aegean to intervene, eventually resulting in sending refugees back to the very war they’re trying to escape.

It’s heartbreaking.  Inhumane.  And cowardly.  

I’ve been encouraged, quite insistently, to continue sharing the stories of my experience.  Over the next weeks, you can expect posts from where I last left off, as well as my advice for who, what, where, when & why to contribute your donations and support.   

This first trip to Greece was a mighty journey, but a tiny drop in the ocean (so to speak) compared to those journeying from their homelands in desperation to find safer ground.

Let’s be kind to one another.